Sunday, April 19, 2009

SoKY Bookfest was AWESOME

I just got back from the SoKY Bookfest in Bowling Green. Above, you'll see a picture of me near the WKU amphitheater, where as a clueless freshman, I would trudge, wondering wht the entire campus was built at a 45 degree angle. It was great to be back on Western's campus, though I hardly recognized it in some places! I'm exhausted and amazed. I met so may fantastic people and bought waaaay to many books, but I had a great time.

Some highlights:

-Meeting Jennie Bentley, author of the The Fatal Fixer-Upper, who also happens to be a client of super-agent Stephany Evans. I am currently reading Jennie's book and am LOVING IT.

-Meeting Nashville area judge Kip Gayden, author of historical crime novel, A Miscarriage of Justice. Kip and his incredibly sweet wife, Paulette, were among the first people we met at the authors' reception on Friday night. And where they go, people follow. We went from having a quiet drink at the hotel bar with the Gaydens, to being joined by folk legend Janis Ian (who came down to the bar in her pajamas, hoping to grab a quick snack, and ended up talking for hours.) Janis was incredibly cool and down-to-Earth, and just happened to know Kip from a Spanish class they'd taken together. My husband, a die-hard folk/bluegrass fan, lost all semblence of cool when he realized Janis knew Pete Seeger. The next thing we knew, there were a dozen or so authors of all genres and experience levels sitting around crowded tables and chatting. It was like the Algonquin Round Table, only you know, at the Holiday Inn.

-Spending most of the day with my fellow romance authors LuAnn McClane, Allie Pleiter and Teresa Medeiros.
I have been a fan of Teresa's for years. (Seriously, I was embarassed to bring any of my copies of her books to the festival because I've read them so often the covers are torn or have been chewed on by my family's Amazon parrot.) So I was all fan-girl giddy to be sitting two spots down from her at the signings. It was so refreshing to find that most authors, even those with 20-plus books under their belt, were just like me. Regular people who stay up too late at night having conversations with characters who don't really exist!

I am really looking forward to reading LuAnn's Redneck Cinderella, because frankly, it sounds like we have similar senses of humor. And Allie had stories so funny, I was actually able to relax during the discussion panel. (Me + Public speaking = Disaster and sometimes, random obscenities.)
- Seeing WKU professor Paula Quinn, who taught me how to scale back my fondness for hyperbole in her feature-writing class.

- Signing and selling all of my copies of NICE GIRLS DON'T HAVE FANGS!

If you didn't get to the Bookfest this year, be sure to make time for it in 2010. I will be there, whether it's as an author or fan!

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Lee said...

I used to play tennis at WKU all the time and I was so glad that the courts were at the bottom of the hill.

No hills at KWC. No parties, either :(