Monday, January 4, 2010

Blame Canada!

Just kidding, I love my neighbors to the North!

For those Canadian readers who were wondering where the heck NICE GIRLS DON'T LIVE FOREVER is, I got an explanation from my publisher. Apparently, things got slowed down with the holidays. The Canadian distributor is just now shipping copies of NICE GIRLS DON'T LIVE FOREVER. They should be on the shelves soon. I'm so sorry about the delay.


Thanks to everybody who has contacted me to say they enjoyed NICE GIRLS DON'T LIVE FOREVER... and that they want more Nice Girls books. As an author, that's really gratifying.

For right now, I am contracted for three books, but we're hoping to bring you more from Jane and Company. No details yet! But when there is more information, I will let you know as soon as possible.



Ashley said...

I met you at the SOKY Book Fest in 2009. You were very kind and signed my book for me. I wanted to tell you that I have enjoyed your books so much! I just finished Nice Girls Don't Live Forever and looooved it. Please keep the books coming.

B. bradley said...

Bought Nice Girls Don't Live Forever this weekend along with a copy of Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs to force my sister-in-law to read it.
Are you contemplating pulling an Evanovich and writing 15 Jane books along with super special books released especially for the holidays? Like (Nice Girls Don't Kiss Under the Mistletoe and Nice Girls Don't Dress Like Skanks for Halloween Parties?)
That would be interesting.

Jenn said...

My heart sank when I read that you were only contracted for three books. Jane is such a believable character, I laughed with her, cried with her and got angry at Gabriel with her. I bought and devoured all three books in a single sitting!

Cyd said...

Thank You Molly, I talked my book club into reading Nice Girl's Don't Have Fangs for February. Jane has so much left to do.

Molly Harper said...

Thanks, Cyd! I can e-mail you some discussion questions for the club, if you'd like.

And Jenn, we're working on it, I swear!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Aw, I want more. I hope that happens because I can't live with no more Jane. These were honestly some of my favorite books this past year.

would you like to take part in my charity event Leave a Mark? more details here:

Feel free to email or something.

lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

Bubbz Is Evil said...

im lovin nice girls don't live forever... but please let there be more than 3 book pwease!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

letmeinnow said...

Your books are the most fun I've had reading in a long time. Whether its Jane and Co or some other set, I can't wait to read what you write next!
Thank goodness for quirky, sarcastic, and snarky but loving characters and the authors who create them!
Cheers, k

NatD said...

Love, love, LOVE your books!!! I bought the first 2 at Borders with a Christmas gift card, and proceeded to devour them within hours. I'll be heading back to the bookstore tomorrow for "Nice Girls Don't Live Forever". I really, really hope that Jane & Co. get to live on with a new, extended contract!

I've recommended your books to everyone, and at this rate, will soon increase your devoted following tenfold.

I love Jane's character because I can relate to her on so many levels: love of books - check, from Western KY small town (born in Paducah, lived in Fulton) - check, going to school to get my MLS - check. However, I married young, but get just as frustrated with my husband as Jane does with Gabriel at times, lol.

Please do keep us updated about the status of further books!! You're awesome!

Molly Harper said...

Hey Nat,

I'm from Paducah! Small world.