Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The National Post helps me make Chicken Salad

When you’re a writer, you have to have a thick skin. On the off chance you manage to survive dozens of rejections from potential agents and then even more rejections from publishers, eventually, Lord willing, your book is going to be reviewed. It’s safe to say I have been criticized by some very well-qualified people. Still, I was taken by surprise by the following:

That’s right, HOW TO FLIRT WITH A NAKED WEREWOLF has been listed as one of the LEAST ANTICIPATED books of 2011 by the National Post.

Eventually, I managed to giggle a little bit. I mean, when else am I ever going to be listed with Snooki, Star Jones or that angry-looking dude from the Black Eyed Peas?

And then I realized, the National Post did me a favor. Because, despite the fact that I am 99 percent sure he has never read a single word I’ve written, Mark Medley has just put my name and title out there for all of his readers to see. And he gave me the makings of a great blurb. “The next True Blood?" From your lips to God’s ears, pal.

So, I’m going to use this for all it’s worth. I’ll post it on my blog, my website, my Facebook page- my agent’s already Tweeted it. Heck, I might even ask my publisher to put it on a cover as a blurb.

And that, as my dear Mama would say, is making chicken salad out of… something else that chickens make.


Erin said...

eggs? :p

Molly Harper said...

Yes, Erin. Eggs.

keyboardhussy said...

I would love to see the anecdotal evidence that he uses to support the claim. Just because he isn't busy anticipating these books highly doesn't mean no one else is. Really, this is almost like the opposite of an opinion. He is saying he isn't interested in things that he doesn't really know anything about--yeah, and? Who is...? Just seems like somebody needs a nap is all :)

Molly Harper said...

It's OK, KBH, I think he just saw an outrageous title and thought, "Well that looks frivolous and silly." It's going to work out in the long run, really. There's no such thing as bad publicity... unless you're caught on tape. :)

Shannon said...

ha! you should totally use it for a blurb! I can't wait for the book myself!

MarnieColette said...

The next True Blood part would have gotten me to try it out.. but since I already read you its a sure thing anyhow.

It shows you that catchy titles are the key.

I can't wait to read it myself.

Anna said...

Well, I'm looking forward to them :) Audio version, too. Amanda Ronconi is teh awesum.
I'm a vegetarian, else I'd ask you to please pass the chik salad.

Rhianna said...

Ouch. Okie that's scary too 'cause I reviewed Zombie Cupcakes and my review wasn't favorable. Is it bad I saw the name National Post and thought it was a tabloid? teehee!

Considering they're basing their judgement on a) titles and covers and b) their own opinion based on the former... I wouldn't put much worth behind it.

I think you're right though. This is some good publicity you didn't have to pay a cent for. ;) Run with it Molly!

...and hell with that guy this IS one of MY most anticipated reads for 2011.

Solveig said...

You go girl! I like to make my own judgements on books so I never read reviews. Which is why I intend to buy your book no matter what the TNP says ´cause I already know I´m gonna love it. :Ö)

nedma1 said...

They didn't ask me. I am really looking forward to it. And the next True Blood would be a bad thing how?

miki said...

If we're talking about books then shouldn't it be "Southern Vampire Mysteries" or "Sookie Stackhouse Series," since True Blood is a TV series? Just saying..

But if I were to read that review, I would have searched you right away. "Next True Blood" deserved a Google.

I already pre-ordered both books since November. Can't wait to read it! I super love your works! :D