Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What I'm doing with my between-book vacation

After a week of working super-double-secret-overtime finishing my latest manuscript, I find myself in that weird twilight time between projects. I know I have to start on edits for the fourth Jane Jameson book soon. And I have to start on the new book due in December. But for right now I have time to do the following things I have no chance to do while I’m writing

-Sleeping at night like a normal person.

-Reading the books I loaded onto my Kindle three to six months before.

-Washing the clothes my family insists on wearing every day.

-Actually folding those clean clothes when they come out of the dryer, instead of leaving them on the perpetual Laundry Mountain in my bedroom.

-Sleeping at night like a normal person.

-Uno tournaments with David and Darcy. (Darcy doesn’t like this one because it decreases her chances on winning. She’s a card shark.)

-Washing the dishes in the sink more often than “Hey, babe, any idea why the kids are eating cereal out of old Cool Whip containers?”

-Sleeping at night like a normal person.

-Getting a pedicure. (I got turquoise with silver leopard spots!)

-Going to the gym.

-Reading/answering reader emails. (I’m really sorry about this one. I’m trying to catch up. Honest.)

-Did I mention sleeping? Like a normal person?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Bitten By Books Smackdown!

The lovely Angie Fox and I are the finalists in the Bitten By Books Smackdown, humorous paranormal category. I'd appreciate your vote!

Click here to vote!

Votes must be submitted before midnight tonight. (May 27)

UPDATE: I won! By a very slim margin. Thanks everybody!

Monday, May 9, 2011


Night Owl Reviews gave a 4.75 star Reviewers Picks rating to THE ART OF SEDUCING A NAKED WEREWOLF. You can find it here

"If you love the laugh then you need to get on board the Harper bandwagon, stat!...The only negative I have found is that it made me want to go to Alaska and see if I can find a werewolf, but I think my husband would object."

I have a bandwagon!