Monday, December 30, 2013

This is why I pick the DVDs on Movie Night

We’re flipping channels and David spots Giovanni Ribisi.

Dave: Isn’t that the guy who was in that Steve Carrell movie?  The one where he gets divorced and 
gets a makeover?

Me: No, Giovanni Ribisi wasn’t in CrazyStupidLove.

Dave: Yeah, he played the guy who teaches Steve Carrell how to pick up women.

Me: You mean Ryan Gosling!  You mixed up Giovanni Ribisi with Ryan Gosling!  I should punch you in the face!

Dave: They kind of look alike!

Me: No, they don’t!

Dave: I don’t have my glasses on.

Me: You’re making it worse!

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bookish327 said...

My husband and I have had that conversation many, many times. For example, he'll say, "That's Heather Graham." My response is always along the lines of "I agree that this actress looks SIMILAR TO Heather Graham, but she's not Heather Graham." Then, it's my job to search IMDB and tell him who that person really is and what movies or TV shows she's been in until my husband says, "THAT'S what I know her from." Yes, I know just what you're talking about. :-)