Monday, December 14, 2015

Half-Moon Hollow Character Bios!

If you have questions about how all of the vampires are connected in Half-Moon Hollow, check out the new page on my web site.


E. Maritza Cordova said...

HI.. first absolutely love your books. I've pre-ordered the next 2 :D

Second is on the characters of half-moon hallow page, the links to sublet book (only one I'm missing) it's sending you to undead christmas.. just an FYI.

I've recommended your books to my family and friends and you now have even more fans!

Happy Holidays!!

fallintoabook said...

Love the series! Will you write any more on Nola Leary and her crazy family? She was a great character and played "nicely" with the others in Half-Moon Hollow. :)